About Hays House

Together Everyone Achieves More

Develop: Hays House provides integrated and individually tailored services that allow residents to pursue a range of desired outcomes. Our dedicated and responsible staff help each individual to reach their developmental and intellectual capacity.

Improve: Hays House provides the necessary support to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities so they can explore real choices, experiences, and follow real dreams. We believe that everyone has potential for leaning and the need for continual learning. We do our best to make sure our programs and services are current and relevant to encourage daily growth and learning for each resident.

Maintain: Hays House provides support strategies designed to assist our residents in reaching their goals. Our services are designed to assure a measurable level of success for each individual. Staff members, family, friends, resource personnel, and community partners all work together to support and promote our residents. We include visions of a desirable and healthy future while incorporating individually centered planning, and skill and capacity building.